Scott Crockett, Everest Business Funding’s CEO, Discusses 5 Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Avoid Burnout

Scott Crockett
3 min readAug 19, 2021


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Small business owners do a lot. They sometimes serve as the CEO, manager, sales rep, and production manager simultaneously. An experienced businessman Scott Crockett, CEO of Everest Business Funding, knows all too well the potential dangers of small business owners carrying too much weight on their shoulders. Over time, the stresses of work can catch up with you, and you can quickly start to wear down.

All small business owners must find a happy balance between work, play, and family life. But, how can that be done when there are so many responsibilities at the job.

Here are five things small business owners can do to avoid burnout, according to Scott Crockett.

1. Take Scheduled Breaks

Small business owners often go-go-go without a break. They are full speed ahead 100% of the time. That’s simply a formula that doesn’t work over the long term.

It’s vital that everyone take breaks throughout the day. Small business owners may say that’s easier said than done.

That’s why it’s important to schedule breaks every day. Take a look at your schedule before the day begins, and sketch out multiple 30-minute breaks for yourself. Make sure you step away from the workplace at times, especially when you’re eating meals.

2. Live a Healthy Life

One of the best things you can do to avoid burnout is to live a healthy life — both physically and mentally. Eating right, drinking enough water, exercising, sleeping, and resting your mind will all contribute to more energy, better clarity, and a lower likelihood of burnout.

Getting outside when possible, even just to walk, will help your mind and body relax. Taking the time to eat healthy foods will keep you running on good fuel. And make sure you get a good night’s sleep to reset for the new day.

3. Don’t Just Say Yes

Some small business owners like to please other people, but it’s just not possible to do this all the time. While your instincts may be to say yes to everyone, it’s just not realistic — or healthy.

Small business owners can avoid burnout by learning healthy boundaries. Understand what you can and can’t handle, and don’t be afraid to tell people no. This will allow you to avoid the anxiety and stress that come when you set expectations too high for yourself and for others.

4. Stay Organized

Scott Crockett says that a great way to avoid burnout is to stay organized. Keep a calendar of your day’s important events or a list of tasks that need to be accomplished.

Stay realistic about what you can accomplish in a day, and make a wish list of items you hope to get to if all the essentials are taken care of first. This will help you manage your time, your employees’ time, and all of your stress levels.

5. Check Out

Finally, make sure that you don’t live and breathe only work. When you’re away from the job, enjoy your time with family and friends. Do things you like to do. Live life to the fullest.

Work can’t be the only driving force in your life. If it is, you’re more likely to experience burnout.

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Scott Crockett is the founder and CEO of Everest Business Funding. He is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Mr. Crockett’s track record includes raising more than $250 million in capital and creating thousands of jobs. Scott has founded, built, and managed several finance companies in the consumer and commercial finance sectors.



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